Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Spatula Goes In The Middle Drawer

The Spatula Goes In The Middle Drawer! Or I Love This Man But Don't Mess With Where I Put The Dishes

Years ago in an interview my husband was asked to describe himself in three words. “Tall Dark and Handsome” was his immediate reply. I do think he's tall, dark, and handsome and he's the most tenderhearted man I've ever had the privilege to love. I absolutely hate that he lost his job, but I am tickled pink to have him home all the time.


Well, aside from the fact that he's not traveling all the time or working on email or taking business calls or dealing with other work related issues until all hours of the day and night, now he's got the time and energy to spend with us as we go through the mundane activities of daily life. This includes things like cooking dinner, shoveling the snow out of the driveway, overseeing our son's daily piano practice, you know, all the stuff that keeps the world turning normally. I will also take this opportunity to say that he is by far a better cook than I am (Hey, he had a head start on me!) So, long story short, whither I go, he goest. Which is all fine and dandy until he starts cooking.

“Where's the blue spatula?”

“It's in the middle drawer.”

“Why is it in the middle drawer? It's supposed to be in the left hand drawer, that's where the pancake turners and the wooden spoons are.”

At this point I must digress (again!). He was at work when I unpacked nearly all of the boxes. I got his help moving the couches into place, but I was the one who made the executive decisions about where the glasses went (right of the fridge,closest to the sink) and where to put the pots and pan (eye level, I hate having to duck under the cabinets to root around for the right lid/pot match). Things have quietly resided there since October 2008 and didn't cause any trouble for anyone. Until now.

“I like it in the middle drawer”

The really crazy thing is, as much as it drives me nuts that he's putting things in certain places that make no sense to me, these last two months together have been almost like a honeymoon (that whole stress thing and lack of cash flow makes it difficult for me to call it a true honeymoon).  We both know that we're doing everything we can to work through this time, and we are both finding more and more in each other that we love.  Except for the blue spatula.  I hate it when he puts it in the left hand drawer.

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