Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home...Until the Mortgage is Due

Home Sweet Home... Until the Mortgage is Due

We sat down and took a good hard look at our finances. As it is for most people, the biggest drain on our resources is the mortgage. Using a spreadsheet we typed in our monthly expenses and our savings. It was amazing how much longer we could live on our savings alone if we didn't have a mortgage payment. The decision was easy: we really have too much house for three people.

The decision was also hard: at the time that he lost his job, we had been living in the house exactly one year and one week. Our son still hasn't completed a full year in his new school. We have amazing neighbors and we're in a great part of town. This is a completely silly reason, but we bought the house so we could have friends, coworkers, and neighbors over for parties, and after a whole year we had yet to have a really great shindig.

The decision was easy: There are three new apartment complexes close to school, we keep in touch with our neighbors via facebook as much as we do in person, and honestly our whole town is pretty cool.

In the end one of the major factors that made us decide to list the house as quickly as possible was the knowledge that it had been on the market for over a year before we bought it. We know that it's the perfect house for a certain kind of family, now we just need that family to find this house.


  1. But the dogs ARE really big! ;)

  2. Even if each dog takes their own bedroom (and the sheepdog does) we still have room left over for a college advisor or two...